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With all the great business opportunities out there, is online teaching the right one for you?

Each type of business offers its own advantages and appeals to certain type of person.  Online teaching is no different.  See if you are the “online teaching type.”

You believe a better world is possible.

Teachers want to teach because they believe they can help make the world a better place.  They have a desire to share their tips and expertise for the common good of everyone who takes their courses. 

A true online teacher has fun when they are working and the biggest problem they suffer is not having enough time to create all the courses they have ideas for.

If you aren’t brimming over with ideas yet, don’t worry.  That comes with time.  As you start to create a course, you will start to see ideas everywhere.  If you haven’t yet downloaded and held an Idea Party yet, be sure to grab the free guide right now.

Idea Party

Struggling to decide what to subjects to teach in your new online course business?

Get your copy of the Idea Party.  This guide will walk you through setting up your own brainstorm session or Idea Party.  By the time the “party’s” over, you will have a nice list of topics you can teach!

Download it here!

A successful teacher would teach even if they weren't getting paid

When you are in love with teaching, you want to do it regardless of whether or not you are getting paid.

Having said that, of course, you want to earn income for your hard work.  Most instructors start out making a side income and then over time are able to build up to a full-time income.

Through this blog, I will teach you how to get started and then how to build up your income to whatever point you wish.

You can learn more about financial goal setting and instructor budgeting in our Finance category.

Online teachers have a dream of complete freedom

When you build a successful online teaching business you achieve three major freedoms.

  1. Financial Freedom – Once your passive income from existing courses matches your living expenses, you have achieved financial freedom.  Your bills are paid each month without you having to create a new course.  
  2. Time Freedom – As an online instructor making a full-time income, you are now free to work the hours that fit your lifestyle.  Work as many hours as you want in a week.  Take vacation whenever you please.
  3. Location Freedom – Teachers can work from anywhere.  As long as you have the tools you need to create a course with you, you can be anywhere in the world.  As simple as your smart phone or as complex as the top of the line laptop, you are still free to roam. 

Build the lifestyle you desire around a business you love.

How did you do?  Did you meet the three criteria of a successful teacher?  If so, it’s time to move on to the next piece of building your business.

Who Can You Help?

As you brainstorm topics, you want to keep your ideal audience in mind.  Learn how to identify your target market in the next post here.

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