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When you use formulas and checklists you can create great courses consistently and efficiently.  In this post, we will focus on how to set up your course writing system and customize it to fit your needs and your style.

Streamline with Checklists

The first part of your course creation system is the checklist.  You may want to set up one master checklist with everything on it or you may want several task specific checklists.

The tasks you want to list are:

  • Course Creation
  • Quality Control
  • Course Marketing

Depending on the course platform you use, you may have other requirements that you want to build a checklist around.

I’ve created a Course Development Guide to help you get started with these 3 basic checklists.

You can download the guide below.

Using the Checklists

Take the checklists in the above guide and load them into your favorite “to-do” software.  I use Trello to track my courses.

I created a Master Checklist with all of my course to-dos.  Then I copy that list and paste it into a course outline.  Each course I start is the same.  Copy and paste the list and I know exactly what to do every time. (See the image below.)

I check things off, write notes and track my progress easily.  I was able to produce 13 courses in 14 weeks using this system. 

Make sure you tweak your checklist as you go.  Update it as you find yourself doing tasks that are not already on your list.  

Other to-do programs that you might want to consider are ToDoist, Evernote, or one from this list.


Course Formula

Along with a checklist system, you want to have a content writing formula that ensures you create great content for each and every course.

There is a pretty simple formula to follow that places the focus on the student and their questions.  Often, when instructors start writing, they think about what they know and what they want to teach and not necessarily about what the students want to know.

There is a phenomenon that happens when you become well-versed in a subject.  It’s called “forgetting what it’s like not to know what you know.”

You assume everyone knows what you know and you tend to skip over the little details or explain things fully.  It’s hard to remember back to when the topic was brand new to you and you were full of questions.

This course writing formula involves 6 steps that will help prevent you from making that mistake.  Instead of freeform writing, you are going to create an outline and then fill in the meat.

You will also use your outline to develop your slides and your script.

Download the guide right here.  Don’t be afraid to adapt it to your style but again, keep your students’ lack of knowledge at the front of your mind as you write.

Course Writing Guide

Download the 6 steps to writing great course content every time.

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Start Building Your Online Course Business

Whew, you have gone through a lot of building steps to reach this point.  Now you have the guides and the steps to build your course business.

Get started creating your first course right now. Remember to check the resources guide and the other blog articles organized by category to help you continue to develop.

Remember to check the resources page and the other blog articles organized by category to help you continue to develop.