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About Me

Hello all!  I am thrilled to have you join me at TeachU2Teach.  I thought you might want to know a little bit about the crazy woman who is writing this blog and why I am writing it so here goes.

My Mission

I want to help at least 10,000 people build an online teaching business within the next 3 years.  That means I need over 3,000 people to get started each year.  Will you be one of them?

I hope to grow this goal to 100,000 the next time I update my mission statement.

My Story

I grew up pretty traditionally with the role-model mom who was the breadwinner and who instilled in me to pursue safety and security in my career.  Well, I did a bang up job of it.  I got a great paying job with great benefits for me and my family.  All was stable for 24 years!

Here was the problem, over that time I got too good at my job and the challenge and passion disappeared.  But after investing 24 years, who wants to start over?  I was too comfortable. 

And then…. Trump happened.  Trump hates the industry I work in and he is actively trying to destroy it.  Job security just went out the window!

Fortunately, I had already had the entrepreneurial bug for many years and had started a series of businesses with varying levels of success.  By the time Trump came along, I already had vast experience building an online business.

Why Online Teaching?

Teaching is what really caught my interest and kept me excited to create new content even after putting in a full day at work.

What I love about the online course industry is that it is an easy business to start up.  Your costs are very low.  Access is easy – just start a blog, join one of the many great course platforms, or write an e-book on Amazon.  All pretty much free!

What makes the difference between success and obscurity is your ability to teach and your skill at marketing.  Both of which are learnable skills.

  • So anyone can do it.  
  • You can start while working a full-time job.  
  • You don’t need a big investment to start.
  • You can build enough income to make teaching a full-time job if you want.

Plus you have ME to help you learn the skills to do well!

Join me in becoming one of the 10,000 people I help this year and build your own financial security blanket.

Oh, By The Way

In addition to working full-time and building my business on the side, I have two teenagers, two furballs (also known as dogs) who will be sure to make an appearance in a video or two, and one very patient husband.

I want to give a shout out to my husband who proofs my books even though he hates to read and to my daughter who helped me style this blog 🙂